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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Fall of Summer: Thom Yorke's New CD "The Eraser" (listen here)

I don't know why it 'appened, but over the last few weeks I suddenly found myself pendulum swinging from a lazy dog days (red) hot (chili pepper) Dani California summer mode over to a full-on comfortably-esoteric bring-on-The-Fall-mang., modus.

And Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke's new ("don't call it a solo") album "The Eraser" has apparently sealed the deal.

If Xmas can be celebrated 2 months early, so too can the Fall.

This CD didn't create the nascent swing shift within my id

(somehow I think stepping on a bicycle while swimming in the rapids did)

but "The Eraser" has decidedly driven it to the concluding state. Tracks like "Harrowdown hill" "Black Swan" and "Skip Divided" just feel soooooooo brownstone auburn-coloured-leaves-Fall'ing good.

Autumn Aural wunderbar.

Harrowdown Hill has gone into replay overdrive 'ere at Paraphroneogenesis HQ, in part because musically it hooks into a part of our id construct (it sounds like you're alone in your room on Moon Base Alpha at 2am) and in other part because the lyrics seem to serve multiple purpose.

At face value it's the place where Iraq U.K WMD Inspector David Kelly committed suicide, and ostensibly it's about him, but there seems to be more application going on in this song. Yorke's wider observation/introspection on the human condition seems to be in play here, too.

or at least that's what I read into it, in my current state.

If you're willing to be receptive to the Fall at this early date, ye can listen to Radiohead solo Thom Yorke's full new CD "The Eraser" (streamed) 'ere for free:

UPDATE: 'ave apparently removed the free album stream and replaced it with 30 second samples. Uhg.

You can listen to the entire CD streamed 'ere:

(free account signup required)


select (complete) tracks from the Eraser CD to listen to 'ere:

The Avante Guardian.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Lacuna Coil: Gothic Metal Sex (or Love? - Ed)

Paraphroneo: Insane.
Genesis: ...
Sumphonia: Music.

Now that that's out of the way, I should like to say that Lacuna Coil's new album Karmacode kicks some serious seductive Alternative/Gothic/Metal axe.

But if it's all you ever hear from them, be warned (oh we're soooo scared - Ed) bugger off Ed, be advised, in that vacuum one might miss out on their big picture.

wot I love about this hybrid multiple-musical-genre band is the epic struggle between the dueling lead-vocalists.

Cristina Scabbia's Gothic mauve velvet-corset voice, seductive-as-all-bloody-Abaddon, like a knife sliding into the pleasure center of the brain (hypothalamus - Ed)., is challenged by Ferro's poundcake Heavy-Metal thrusting strut, and the result is ..well, you'd think buckets of cum would be flying everywhere after that wouldn't you?

but while it is sexually charged, I find a Lacuna Coil album is more like being on one long orgasm with Catherine Deneuve.

You don't actually cum, you just ride the crest of the wave for the entire album.

And the second time you listen to a Lacuna Coil CD, it gets even better. There's no annoying amateur foreplay with 45 minutes of a tongue stuck in your ear, instead you move straight into dripping orgasm mode from the minute the CD hits replay (or I do anyway).

Because of the way Lacuna Coil create a CD to be an encompassing experience, it's difficult to pick 1 song that represents them, and sometimes even difficult to pick favorites, as they're all part of an epic tapestry.

But if I had to pick Fave tracks off their CD's to highlight they'd be:

off new Karmacode CD: "Without Fear" "In Visible Light" "Devoted" "Our Truth" "Within Me" "Fragile" and "The Game".

off Unleashed Memories CD: "When a Dead Man Walks" "Distant Sun" "Cold Heritage" "Hyperfast" and "Stars"

off Comalies CD: "Angel's Punishment" "Heaven's A Lie" "Entwined" "The Ghost Woman and the Hunter" "Comalies" "Humane" "Unspoken" "Aeon" ..

Pretty well much the _entire_ "Comalies" CD lights up the entire left hand side of my head, same pleasure area that goes off whenever I get within a 10 foot radius of a femme wearing a plaid skirt, black leather boots und a cape.











Well, that was cathartic.


Lacuna Coil Links:

Select & Listen to Lacuna Coil tracks (streamed to you) here

When a Dead Man Walks.mp3 (from Unleashed Memories CD) right-click, save as.

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official Lacuna Coil website

The Avante Guardian.